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The Largest Distributor of Plaster & Gypsum Cements
in the New York Area

HYDROCAL® Statuary HydroCal
HYDROCAL® White Gypsum Cement
HYDRO-STONE® Gypsum Cement
ULTRACAL® 30 Gypsum Cement
USG® No. 1 Casting Plaster
USG® No. 1 Moulding Plaster
USG® No. 1 Pottery Plaster
USG® White Art Plaster

Plaster & Gypsum Cements and Accessories


Tape Direct Inc. is the largest distributor of plaster & gypsum cements in the New York and New Jersey area.  We carry a variety of superior cements that are great for the art, ceramic and casting markets.  Common uses include:


Solid & Hollow Cast Hobbies Figurines Model Railroad
Lamp Base Statuary Statues  

High Quality!
Always Fresh!
No Lumps/ No Clumps

1-5 Bags
6-9 Bags
10 Bags
20 Bags
40 Bags
80 Bags
No. 1 Pottery Plaster $24.75 $23.75 $21.75 $20.25 $17.50 $15.00
Superfine Casting $24.75 $23.75 $21.75 $20.25 $17.50 $15.00
No. 1 Moulding Plaster $24.75 $23.75 $21.75 $20.25 $17.50 $15.00
White Art Plaster $24.75 $23.75 $21.75 $20.25 $17.50 $15.00
FGR-95 Gypsum $37.25 $35.75 $33.50



White Hydrocal  $32.25 $29.75


$25.75 $22.25 $20.50
Ultracal 30 $33.50 $32.50 $30.50 $27.75 $24.25 $21.50
Hydro-Stone $32.75 $32.00 $30.50 $27.75 $24.50 $22.75
Statuary Hydrocal $32.75 $31.50 $29.25 $26.50 $23.75 $22.00

Combine for Best Pricing All Orders FOB Warehouse


HYDROCAL® FGR-95 Gypsum Cement

Hydrocal® FGR-95 Gypsum Cement is a specially formulated gypsum cement which sets fast, develops high strength, and permits fabrication of strong, resilient glass-reinforced products. The superior fire retardant properties of Hydrocal® FGR-95 Gypsum Cement allow for safe, code-compliant installation in all types of public and private structures.

HYDROCAL® Statuary Hydrocal

Harder and stronger than HYDROCAL Brand White Gypsum Cement. Offers not only hardness and strength, but excellent plasticity. These properties make it especially adaptable for either solid or hollow-art casting.


HYDROCAL® White Gypsum Cement

A good general use product that offers a gradual setting time and a long period of plasticity. Recommended for solid and hollow casting of lamp bases and figurines. Designed for thin sections, which require high green strength to minimize breakage during removal from an intricate latex mold.


HYDRO-STONE® Gypsum Cement

HYDRO-STONE is recommended for producing high-quality novelty and statuary castings requiring extremely hard surfaces. This product is self-leveling when poured and not suitable for hollow cast applications. HYDRO-STONE must be mechanically mixed for best results.


ULTRACAL® 30 Gypsum Cement

Super-strength gypsum cement recommended where extreme accuracy and greater surface hardness are required, as in duplicator models. Harder and stronger than HYDROCAL® A-11 and HYDROCAL® B-11 cements, ULTRACAL® 30 cement has the lowest expansion of any rapid-setting gypsum cement available. Has a gradual set and long period of plasticity. Ideal for splash-casting molds and models for phenolic, polyester and epoxy resins. It was designed to give the pattern making industry the ultimate in a gypsum cement-tooling medium.


USG® Superfine Casting Plaster

The industry standard for figurines, plaques, and lamp bases. Special additives maintain smooth-working qualities and upon drying, result in a hard working surface with reduced paint absorption and degree of chip-resistance. Superfine Casting Plaster gives better overall results.


USG® No. 1 Moulding Plaster

Often referred to as “plaster of Paris” or soft plaster. Used for waste molds or temporary patterns where surface hardness and strength are not important. Screeds well under a template but is not as hard or strong as HYDROCAL cement. The expansion is greater than with A-11 or B-11 cements.


USG® No. 1 Moulding Plaster

USG® No. 1 Pottery Plaster

Highly uniform, USG No. 1 Pottery Plaster is noted for outstanding performance and long life. The standard of the industry, it is the best material available for sanitary-ware and dinnerware slip casting.



USG® White Art Plaster

Similar in working properties to Moulding Plaster, White Art Plaster contains a surface hardening agent that minimizes paint absorption when dried cast is finished. White Art Plaster gives you excellent detail, provides a harder surface, and has lower paint absorption than Molding Plaster.

USG® No. 1 Casting Plaster

No. 1 Casting Plaster is a smooth plaster similar in working properties to No. 1 White Art Plaster but has increased chip resistance and additives to reduce paint absorption.  It is a light weigh, lower lost, and bright white plaster.

It is the industry's premier casting plaster for creating figurines, plaques and lamp bases.

 Reinforced Paper - Water Resistant

 48" x 300 ft     $65.00/roll

reinforced paper

 10" x 10" 5 oz. burlap square
 12" x 12" 5 oz. burlap square

   5 oz. weave - 40” x 100 yd     $135.00/roll
 10 oz. weave - 40” x 100 yd     $175.00/roll

burlap rolls

 Fiberglass Strands Type E
 ¼” and ½” strands, 11 ½% moisture

  1-10 lb     $6.75/lb
  11-40 lb   $6.25/lb
40+ lb      $5.65/lb

 Universal Mold Release – 12 oz Aerosol Can   $14.99/each

 Clear Poly Sheeting


10’ x 100’
20’ x 100’
6’ x 100’ Reinforced
20’ x 100’ Reinforced

4 Mil
4 Mil
6 Mil
6 Mil


 Shipping Protection

48” x 96” Corrugated Sheets  single wall  $3.90
48” x 96” Corrugated Sheets  double wall  $5.90



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